1. Prepare a slide presentation about the development of the Memory Chips in computers from start to current and probably the future trends. The

report shall have at least 7 slides with proper text, photos, and other information as deem necessary. (for reference look at memory manufacturing

companies with their historical development)
2. Prepare a slide presentation to show the progress of Mobile phone from start, 1985 to now and projection in future. For future guess and indicate

what feature the phone may have.
3. Investigate which filed of engineering is in high demand, give an outlook for future jobs in that field within 2 to 5 years from now. Compare with

5 other high demand engineering fields (in past 10 years) and discuss how the trends changing. If you want to have a consistent income in future from your

engineering profession, which one you pick, and why? Use internet or book for resources. Explain in details. Show charts or tables when necessary.
4. Use resources in the library, internet and collect materials and information of an engineering filed of your interests. Prepare a Technical report,

regarding this field. The report shall include cover page, with graphics, bibliography citing all resources used, including website addresses if any. The

report shall include the following:
a. The nature of the work (what does this person or engineers in these field do?)
b. Job Responsibilities (type of things done on daily basis, list all that applies)
c. Training necessary to enter this field (two years degree, four years degree, internship, etc…)
d. Advancement possibilities (will they get promoted, and are these supervisory positions?)
e. Future outlook for this carrier (will be around two, five, ten years from now?)
f. Average salary
g. Educational requirements