Effective curriculum improvements.


Effective curriculum improvements.
This assignment requires you to complete the Project Calendar. You will populate the Project Calendar with your plan for completing the Capstone

Project. The calendar should include course tasks and specific assignment due dates identified in the Course Schedule. You will then add your personal

schedule for completing Capstone Project interim tasks to the calendar (i.e., literature review schedule, draft, edit, submit assignments dates, etc.).
Once course tasks have been placed on the calendar, add the preparation tasks necessary to consult for clients’s improvement and reform (i.e., initial

contact, follow-up on data access, etc.). Use the list you developed as you were reading the course resources to guide calendar entries. This task will

replicate a consulting calendar you would develop with the client to identify deadlines and deliverables.
CRIR 499
Week 1 Application: Consultancy Considerations: Project Calendar

1–Unacceptable Score Comments

The candidate’s calendar addresses the following:



In addition to indicators in the Acceptable column, the candidate’s assignment is exemplary in all aspects of quality (including both mechanics of

writing and clarity/ insightfulness of thinking), is thoroughly developed, and exceeds expectations.

Tasks are appropriate to the assignments, scheduled in correct order, includes tasks that might not be included by novices, and are well paced.
The candidate’s assignment includes all required criteria and is well developed.
Tasks are appropriate to the assignments, scheduled in correct order, and reasonably paced.

The presentation is of good quality (may include very few errors in mechanics) and shows clarity of thinking. It fully meets expectations for graduate

level work, including academic writing and organization.
The candidate’s assignment is superficially developed, of unacceptable quality (includes errors in mechanics and inconsistent clarity in thinking),

and/or lags behind expectations for graduate level work

Tasks listed are not appropriate to not ordered correctly.

Must be revised and resubmitted because one or more required element(s) are missing.

Course task schedule for completing capstone project interim tasks (literature review schedule, draft, edit, submit assignments dates, etc.) are

included on the calendar


Consulting preparation tasks necessary to consult for school/district improvement and reform (initial contact, follow-up on data access, etc.) are

included on the calendar

Identify and contact a client to use for the Discussions and Application Assignments in this course
Section 1: Introduction
Provide a description of the client chosen for your project. What documents/online sources are you using to access the data?
Section 2: Issue of Concern
Identify and clearly state the priority need you have selected for the project. Why did you select this area to focus on? In your analysis of the

curriculum audit recommendations and current data, what made you identify this as your “issue of concern?”
Section 3: Topic for Literature Review
Identify possible research topic(s) that will focus the literature review on the identified Issue of Concern.
Identify 25-35 research articles to address your issue of concern. Use the literature review matrix provided for you in the Resources to organize your

Submit the matrix with bibliographic information for a minimum of 15 articles.

• Align a literature review to the needs of your district and your study
• Create a synthesized review of relevant research that addresses the issue of concern
• Continue to access the literature review resources needed to support your work. Complete the Literature Matrix and begin writing the literature

• Submit the completed Literature Review.
Peer review and editing is an important step in developing a report to a school system, educational program or company. It is essential to make certain

the mechanics of the presentation work and it is grammatically correct. However, it is also important to have an additional reviewer who has a deep

understanding of the client’s context to evaluate your project. You will want to have a fresh set of eyes review your presentation to make certain you

have been clear and accurate in your explanations. This stakeholder reviewer can identify any errors in the organizational structure and in any school

specific information presented in the presentation. The reviewer should be a trusted source, have knowledge of the content to be reviewed, possess

editing skills, and have your best interest at heart.
Capstone Project Presentation Guidelines
For CRIR 499-Capstone

You are a consultant working with clients to research and make recommendations about new programs and processes. A written report is developed that

presents findings to the management team or project committee. Additionally, the consultant will develop a presentation to share the information with a

broader audience within the chosen concentration and to the community at large. The consultant will be aware of the biases and concerns of the audience

when identifying how to present data and the amount and tone of the information presented.

Presentation Requirements:
• The presentation must be able to be presented in a public forum using a presentation application (PowerPoint, Prezi, Empressr, SlideRocket) and

include a multimedia format.
• The presentation should be engaging, stimulating, and informative.
• The presentation should be also be appropriate for multiple stakeholder audiences.
• The presentation should include at least two of the following multimedia options: graphic, links to websites, photos, movies, and timelines,

• The presentation will be submitted in the “Notes” format—with either a written narrative of the presentation that aligns with the slides or an

audio of each presentation slide.
• A minimum of 15 slides will be required.
• Information to populate the slides will come from the Capstone Presentation.

Required slides include:
• Cover Slide
• Project Overview
• Context
• Curriculum Audit/Evaluation Plan and Data Made Available
• Issue of Concern (minimum of 2 slides)
• Summary Review of the Literature (minimum 2 slides)
• Recommendations (including Implementation Plan) (minimum 4 slides)
• Reflection
• References (minimum 2 slides)