Effect of Green Exercise


Write a 1,000 word analysis essay on the subject of The effects of Green Exercise. Use the observational reports from the previous papers and information

you learned from reviewing abstracts of a minimum of three scholarly articles on the subject. In the introduction of the paper you need to have an

ATTENTION GETTER, background information/context of the discussion, a discussion of your method of gathering information and a THESIS STATEMENT. Your

background information might include history, definition, and relevant statistics. The attention getter may be creative but must lead the reader into the

subject of the effects of participating in the green exercise. In the body of the paper discuss two or more effects you experienced from green exercises.

In each major section of thought include information regarding the effects from scholarly sources as well as your own observational reports. In the

conclusion of the paper, draw conclusions about the overall experience and implications of the effects. Document your sources with the APA style

documentation. Write the paper in major sections of thought.