Does humour differ from the things we call emotions: for example, love, hate, fear, joy, jealousy, sadness? Are there ways in which humour might relate to these emotions?

Here is a brief list of the expectations for this “Reflective Essay”:
1.Students are expected to upload their work to the FOL Drop box entitled “Reflective Essay No. 1.” All submissions must be in Word (.doc or .docx) and follow APA formatting.
2.Students are also expected to include the following items in their essay: a brief Introduction with a thesis statement, as well as a summarizing Conclusion.
3.Student responses should be in full paragraphs, using proper paragraph style, clear topic sentences, and use of proper grammar, punctuation and mechanics.
4. students should use the same terminology and reflect on the origins and evolution of humour, earliest philosophies (Plato, Aristotle, Cicero), and the Superiority Theories of humour.