Students in Lifespan Development courses will write a 2 page essay to compare the divorce rates in 3 different countries. You are to

discuss the different reasons for divorce such as age of marriage, whether marriage is arranged or free to marry whomever they want, what

differences are between developed and undeveloped countries (use percentages), educational levels in the 3 countries, what the chosen

country’s religious views are, 2nd and 3rd divorce rates and other topics as needed.

3. For your conclusion , you are to imagine yourself as a counselor or social worker and come up with ideas and initiatives as to how to

deal with divorce and perhaps help couples avoid this phenomenon.

4. Your 3rd page of this paper should be the Bar Chart section. Just pick 3 countries from the following list for the divorce statistics

as well as any other accompanying facts that might be related. The countries to choose from are: United States, Canada, Japan, Denmark,

France, Netherlands, Sp