Discussion Post


Discussion Post

Discussion Instructions: For this exercise. I’d like you to read chapter three of the Meyer text. 1. List
three takeaways – with ample justification – from the readings. Don ‘t just restate an interactive
example from the text. ask yoursefi what are the lessons from that example. 2. List 2 questions
arising from the readings. Choose questions that are of genuine interest to you and grapple with

them. You need to back up your position with logic, experience. or outside expertise. For clarity.

please number each takeaway and each response. ie. Takeaway #1 Points will be based on:
(a)completeness of content and analysis; (b) readability: (c) citations Book: Chapter 3 Why Versus

How The Art of Persuasion in a Multicultural World Meyer, Erin. The Culture Map: Breaking Through

the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business (p. 89).