Digital inovation Strategy Plan

module 4,5,6,7,8,9 uploaded are impotent to finish the this document

1) need to solve the Assignment 2(1500) looking at my assignment 1 – Business Case which i have done and uploaded as article to be used
2) need to select new industry or use same from assignment 1
3) please check the materiel given and solve it .100% need to fallow the metirial given
4) this teacher is bit stupid guy please work hard
5) follow the marking criteria

o Properly formatted well presented business report
o Executive Summary
 Business model canvas in the context of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
 Technology analysis and trends in the context of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the selected industry.
 Alignment of business model and value proposition
*Identify the different customer segments to whom the product will be valuable
*Outline a representative customer journey
 recommendation & Conclusion
– References
o 10 References at least
o Relevant citations within the report


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