differences between Mormonism and Scientology


What similarities do you see between these religious traditions? How do the cosmogonies surrounding death and the afterlife differ? How a culture or

religion prepares for and ritualizes death can give you a lot of insight into their beliefs about life and the afterlife. In this Discussion, you will

consider the culture of the living practitioners of various civilizations based on their burial rituals and views on death.
To prepare for this Discussion:

Consider the similarities and differences between two religious traditions, specifically looking at their views on death, burial rituals, and the

Reflect on what you can infer about the cultures that practice those religions based on your answers to the previous questions.

Post a paragraph comparing the two religions. focusing on the tradition’s burial rituals, views on death, and views on the afterlife. In a second

paragraph, explain how each religion’s views about burial, death, and the afterlife are reflected in their culture. Support your assertions by making at

least 2 references, in proper APA format,