Describe the steps to get oil from its natural state to market.

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Graded Assignment

Unit Test, Part 2

Answer each question, using complete sentences. When you have finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit.



Describe the steps to get oil from its natural state to market.


(9 points)


Summarize the case of the Atlantic cod. In your response, specifically address the following points:

What method is most commonly used to extract cod?

What are the environmental consequences of this method?

What is the evidence that cod are being overfished?

What remedies have governments enacted to help restore cod populations?


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Graded Assignment SCI010: Environmental Science|Unit 3| Lesson 19: Unit Test

(8 points)


What happens when rain falls on a piece of property that has pavement, roofs, and lawns? Where does the water go? Describe all possible pathways. Over a long rainy season, how do streams and groundwater respond?

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