Current Event

1. Choose a current events news article. (10 points)
— It must be a news article with an author and publication date, published in the last year. The more recent, the better.

It must NOT be: an opinion piece, a dictionary or encyclopedia entry, from a personal blog or an unknown organization’s Web page, or a scholarly journal article (if you have questions regarding this, please ask about the article you believe you have chosen).

2. Provide the professor with either a .pdf of the article or a hyperlink that will take one directly to the story.

3. Write a review of the article.

What your review should look like:
PART I: Summarize the article (SHORT summary – do NOT re-write the entire thing). (10 points)

PART II: Make a connection between the content of the article and the concept of socialism. (40 points)

DO NOT choose an article based on a search for "socialism". It is very difficult for the student to MAKE a connection when they believe it is implicit in the title/topic of the article itself.

PART III: Make a connection between the topic of the article and the concept of freedom (as presented by the course). (40 points)

This means the concept of freedom IN GENERAL. Try to move away from economics in this discussion.

To earn the most points:
1. Follow the directions. If you have any questions regarding the directions, ask them. It is your responsibility to understand what is expected.
2. Divide your review into 3 sections (or at the very least 3 paragraphs).
3. Cite any sources (including the article — and don’t forget to cite the article’s summary within the text!) in APA format and provide a URL for the article (or a pdf if it is a hard copy source).
5. Avoid contractions and "you" — and use good grammar/punctuation and sentence construction.


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