critical thinking


The assignment:
The term is STRESS
You are going to come up with a clear and well-developed definition for your concept/term.
1. In a short paragraph (2-4 sentences), explain why you think your concept is important and why you chose it.
2. Brainstorm as many synonyms for your concept as you can think of (at least 6).
3. Make up or recall at least 3 examples of the concept in action.
4. Develop 3 comparisons as analogies for your concept. Your comparison can be a sentence or an entire paragraph. To help you develop your comparison

or analogy, consider filling in the blanks:
(Your concept) is like__________________________.
Your analogy could be visual, as in (your concept) looks like _____________________.

5. Tell what the concept is not. What is its opposite?
6. Explain what concepts are similar to your concept. What might people confuse it with
that you want to eliminate from their thinking? Consider filling in the blanks:
Do not confuse (your concept) with ________________________.
(Your concept) does not mean _______________________.
7. Choose some words, adjectives or descriptive phrases to describe the concept. How does the concept feel? Include at least three.
8. List some effects of this concept. When this concept is in place or happening, what happens as a result? Include at least three effects.
Consider adding information to your definition to make it clearer and more developed.