consequences of greenhouse gases

Climatic or weather consequences of greenhouse gases

Your deliverable for this project will be a research paper about a highly discussed topic in earth science (suggested length 6 pages). You must cite

your sources using in-text citations and format the paper according to APA style guidelines. You must also include a references page. The references

page does not count toward the suggested length.
For the project, you will need to complete four main tasks:
1. Essay Topic
• Climatic or weather consequences of greenhouse gases

2. Research various sides of the topic and prepare a report on the science and economics related to the topic
Prepare a report on the scientific and economic issues surrounding the topic you chose. You should research conflicting sides of the issue and

fairly discuss the various viewpoints in your report. If the topic does not have conflicting arguments, you should discuss why it is an alarming

topic or a developing topic that has a critical impact on communities, states, countries, or the world.
While researching and writing, you should address the following points:
A. Define the major issue or issues—what is at stake?
B. Who or what does the issue impact? To what extent?
C. Provide scientific background on the issue. Discuss any points of controversy or disagreement related to the scientific research regarding

the issue. If there is no disagreement around the issue, discuss why the topic is alarming and how it has a critical impact on communities or on a

global scale.
D. Discuss any points of controversy related to the economic or social impact of the issue. Do people outside of the scientific community view

the issue in a particular way?
E. Is the issue you chose closely related to any other earth science issues? How so?
F. Are there proposed solutions to the issue? What are they?
In your paper, you should identify and cite a minimum of five credible sources integral to understanding your issue.

3. Develop your own position
For example, decide whether you are “for” or “against” the issue related to your topic. Or, for topics that do not have a clear “for” or “against”

stance, explain what you think about the severity of the issue and the level of its impact. In your own words, indicate which position you hold and

develop at least three science-based arguments that support your position.
A science-based argument is one that uses scientific data and thought processes to make a logical claim. Be sure to use the data you researched to

support your position.
4. Suggest at least one science-based solution to the issue
Given your position and the data you researched, what solution would you recommend to alleviate or solve the issue you chose? Again, you should be

sure to thoroughly support your solution with the scientific facts and data that you discovered in your research as well as what you learned in the

course. In your discussion of your solution, be sure to also address what you think the impact of your solution will be.
Your solution should be logical and realistic – in other words, it should be feasible to implement in the real world. For example, if you chose to

discuss non-renewable resources, you could propose that companies pay an additional tax to use these resources and that the government impose fines

on non-payers. This would encourage companies to find alternative solutions and to be more efficient with their use of resources.
NOTE: Please remember, all borrowed material (including credible sources and the textbook) must be cited and referenced properly in accordance with

APA guidelines throughout your project. You should also compile a references page and include it as part of your report. The references page does

not count toward the suggested page length of the report.