Configure Server Storage and File and Printer Services

Unit 4 Assignment
Outcomes addressed in this assignment:
• Configure server storage; and file and print services.
• Configure local disks, Work Folders and file shares.
• Work with virtual disks, Storage Spaces, and Windows printing.
• Secure access to files and folders with permissions.
Course outcome(s) practiced in this unit:
IT278-2: Administer server roles; features; storage options; file and print services; and file and folder permissions.
NOTE: You will have two parts to the Assignment in this unit that will be submitted as one file through the Dropbox.
Unit Assignments include short essay, descriptive tables, and screen captures demonstrating the configuration and use of the Windows Server 2012/R2 software.
Documents should be submitted using APA Style (use double line spacing with a title page and a reference page). Essays should be separated into sections by the Assignment Part number and the question number.
Unit 4 Assignment: Part 1
1. Create a simple table outlining the four categories of storage access methods.
Category Description Use
2. In a short essay compare basic disks to dynamic disks. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Describe the two types of partitioning methods.
3. Create a table that lists the different volume types. Include:
Name Description Requirements
4. In a ½ page essay discuss the configuration of virtual disks. Explain the use of Storage Spaces, storage pools, and volumes. What is the Resilient File System (ReFS) and what does it do?
5. In a short essay explain the difference between share permissions and NTFS file and folder permissions. Discuss the use of NTFS special permissions.
6. In a short essay describe the configuration and use of Disk Quotas and Shadow Copies.