Comparison of Full Service airline and Low cost carrier

Please see Topic list below

The titel of entire thesis ( most of it is done already only require last 20 pages )

Impact of Business model of Low Cost carrier (LCC) to the airline market after Liberalization of Aviation in Europe.

The following should be considered in those 20 pages

a. Differentiation of service offered: synergy of the cost, economies of scope

b. Alliances of airlines: how and what is benefits in term of renvenue, cost and other benefits.

c. cost restructuration of european airline what is their benefits and which is the cost be saved in the balanc sheet: the case of study: Air

France Lufthansa

d. Consolidation and acquisition: the case of study Air France-KLM, has a strategy that focuses on a strong port, and how about IAG group?

,e. Advantages of the Business model of Low Cost Carrier, competitive advantages and analysis of their financial performance.

f.How do traditional Carriers ( Full service airlines ) defend themselves against the threat of the Low Cost cost carriers , focus on on

reducing cost and increase revenue.
REDUCTION OF UNIT COST, Also which impact does the Liberalization have on it

g. How does cost saving and restructuring help – see Lufthansa , air france, transformation of a Full Cost carrier to Low cost carrier like in

the case of Aer Lingus., diversification of service, e.g Lufthansa creating Eurowings , Air France , Multi Hub Strategy – Lufthansa,

consolidation Air France – KLM

h. Impact of Alliances – Star Alliance . One World etc.

i – The last part should incluse – Future evolution and challenge of LCC -low cost carrier , will there be alliances between LCCs, –

feasability of long haul operations for LCCs and differentiation of services like Easy Jet is doing –

e. Conclusion on low cost versus full service carriers advantage /disadvantages if any .

All bibliography with exact references should be in the footnotes ! – of only sources in English !