Comparative Politics


The assignment is to write 5 pages for Comparative Politics class. It should address the provided question and please heavily refer to these

instructions, this is a very important paper.

The majority of the paper should be theory-based, and you should use class readings to support your claims. This is not a research paper and should not

require extensive outside research, but you must provide empirical evidence to support your argument, and this evidence must be documented. It is

better to err on the side of overly careful citation – the political science department takes plagiarism very seriously.

Question 1: Politics and Political Institutions – constitutions, executives and legislatures

As a special advisor to (country of your choice – Kazakhstan), you have been asked to prepare a briefing on the importance of politics in political

institutions. Why do some countries have liberal constitutions and authoritarian politics? Why do some strong leaders like Russian President Vladimir

Putin try to change their constitutions? And, why do some executives seek to constrain the role of the legislature, but through revising the

constitution and not by using military force?
1. Grounding your argument in at least one theoretical perspective of comparative politics (rationalism, culturalism, structuralism) how do you

explain the role of politics in the design of political institutions?
[I prefer that you concentrate on Culturalist perspective when writing this paper, however you should show awareness and understanding of the other two

2. Discuss the assumptions, key concepts, and main points of your chosen theoretical perspective.
3. Please address two or more counter-arguments from other theoretical perspectives, and show how your argument is more convincing.
4. Please provide evidence from class readings and real world examples to support these claims.
5. Finally, provide a brief recommendation about policy for your country to pursue, and predictions for other countries around the world.