You work for The Meeting Place, a community program that offers after school activities to inner city youth ages 12-18. The purpose of the

program is provide opportunities that help teens succeed in academics, obtain health and well-being, and develop leadership skills. The youth

center where the teens meet is located in an urban business district and is either walking distance or on the bus line that is near the teens’

home, schools, and other community resources.

Frontline staff, who work directly with the teens, have shared some anecdotal information with management that there has been chatter among

teens about their interest in increasing their physical activity – one of the goals of the agency. There have been a few suggestions such as

yoga, crossfit, and running. Your supervisor has come to you and asked that you explore this possibility further to determine if there is in

fact enough interest to warrant developing this idea more, and if so, for you to offer some suggestions about how this can be done with little

or no cost to the agency. You are asked to explore the internal and community resources available.

answers each of the following questions:
1.Provide a definition of this community described in the case study.
2.Discuss the particular methods you would use to further understand what the youth want, what they have, and how to build a program off of

3.Create an asset map to illustrate the assets of the community (click here for a fillable Community Asset Map); open with Adobe Acrobat then

save it to your computer, then save again with the changes) be sure to add this asset map to your initial post for your classmates to review…

Please provide the map with finished assignment.
4.Once you have gathered information about this community, how would you mobilize efforts to develop a program to meet the needs of the

community identified?
5.Discuss different ways to build off of and develop leadership in this community.
Please Note that it is only 1 page for discussion and 1 page for the map which equals 2 pages