For this assignment, you will need to write an Argumentative Synthesis on the topic of Common Core Standards, a program widely adopted in 2010.

By 2013, 43 states were using the standards to measure a student’s progress. The issue to be examined in this essay is whether or not our

education system should continue using the Common Core initiative as a means of educating our youth from K through 12. The initiative began

because “vast differences in educational expectations existed across states” (Conley 3), and though this might have been rather unimportant when

a formal education was not as vital in finding a job a few decades ago, this has changed greatly in recent years with the heavy demand for a

formal education in the workplace today, namely the tech industry. In a manner of speaking, students were coming to college with varying levels

of readiness. Common Core Standards is an attempt to even this out, giving all students an equal opportunity to succeed in college. Opinions

vary greatly among educators. Those who support the initiative believe that the program evens the proverbial playing field, requires instructors

to use higher level instructional techniques, requires students to “produce evidence of learning through products that emphasize the use of

higher level skills” (VanTassel-Baska 60), and prepares them for the demands of high tech jobs. Those who oppose the initiative believe it

stunts the student’s creativity, does little to emphasize the importance of the humanities, especially English/writing skills, will lead to the

federal government completely taking over education, forces teachers to “teach to the test,” and does not account for the fact that teachers are

not only ill-prepared to use the techniques required to implement the standards but that they also lose their pedagogical autonomy. The articles

that you must use as reference are attached.

Use at least 5 of the 7 articles provided.

The introduction to this assignment should essentially introduce the topic and the issue to the reader; you might even consider a quote or two

from the source materials as an introductory strategy. Must have a thesis statement at the end of the introduction that introduces a

controversy/debate and takes a clear stance.

The body of this essay should consist of paragraphs that are organized as follows:
• Topic Sentence (Your writing here; do not let the
sources write them for you)
• Discussion
• Then, incorporate sources (at least 5 different ones)
• Wrap up your point in your own words, not a source’s. Tie the
discussion back to your point/argument

Summarize other positions on the topic and of course offer counter-arguments to them. This does not have to be done in a separate section of the

essay; in face, I would prefer you to do this at the same time you are presenting your position on the issue–from section to section. Do be

very careful about writing argumentative fallacies. Stay away from them.

The conclusion of this essay is merely a summation of your opponents’ positions, why you disagree with them, and of course summarizing your own

major points.