Co-op Paperwork

C o-op Work Term Report – consisting of a cover page, table of contents, and pictures (if approved
by your employer), in addition to 3-5 pages of double-spaced text. -A brief overview of the company
describing the products and/or services it supplies; ‘ Provide a description of your major duties and
activities, mention in detail any specific projects that you worked on, skills that you developed or
enhanced, meetings and conferences attended and other professional development: ‘ Review your
Learning Objectives for the work term; these were created under the Learning Objectives tab the
start of your work term – explain how you met these objectives, what additional knowledge and
skills you believe you acquired and how has this co-op job influenced your career goals; ‘ State
anything that is pertinent to the work experience that would benefit your Co~op Consultant for
future student work terms. 1 page of (3 Learning Objectives + Employer Evaluation) and 3 pages of
Co-op Work Term Report, please The website of company is and my
college course is computer programmer