Classic English Literature

Choose one of the stories we have read thus far. Conduct
research for a professional journal article which addresses
the story you choose in terms of character, narrator, theme,
or conflict. Read and digest the article’s anlaysis.
Summarize your findings and offer your own analysis of the
article writer’s viewpoint. Is the article’s author a valid
source? Does he or she present a plausible interpretation of
the text- use quotations and evidence to support your
answer. Does he or she offer textual evidence which
supports his or her opinion well? Why do you believe your
opinion to be true? Provide an effective conclusion to your
paper in which you summarize the journal writer’s
viewpoint as well as your own.
Paper Particulars: your total pages will be a minimum of
two maximum of three

you must include a properly formatted
Works Cited page which does not count toward your 2-3
pages of analysis (MLA guidelines to use may be found in
your text or by clicking the tab in your course menu at the

you will use Times New Roman 12pt font
and double space your paper

your paper will be submitted in Word using
Safe Assign