Classic English Literature

One of the appeals of the “sound” of poetry is that it has strong connections to music, and music connects with a lot of people. Search for a

poem that has a strong rhythm or meter (it can be from the text, or from another source). Once you find one that you particularly like, paste

the poem (or provide a link to the poem) in the Discussion forum. Then, respond to these question:

Briefly describe the poem for its meaning and theme.
Describe the poem’s use of “poetic elements” (like figurative language, imagery, diction, style, rhythm, rhyme, etc). What impact does the use

of these elements have on the poem? Be sure to use correct terminology in your descriptions.
Describe the impact of this poem on you personally. Why did you choose it? What meaning do you take away from it?

poem author William Faulkner, A Rose for Emily