children rights

Unit 7.2 DB: Case Vignette – The Wright Family

Up until two years ago, the Wrights were considered to be the average middle class family with 7 children, 4 of which still live at home. Mr. Wright was laid off due to downsizing, leaving Mrs. Wright to be the primary breadwinner. The family lives in Durham, NC and Mrs. Wright is a full-time teacher, bringing home $23,000.00 annually. The Wrights chose to relinquish their home and are currently living in a small apartment where they converted a pantry into Mariah’s bedroom. The family relies heavily upon the local food pantry and they often eat the same meal for days to save on money and the children re-wear some clothing to save on cost of laundry.

You are the school social worker and Mariah Wright discloses the above information to you. You called Mr. and Mrs. Wright down to the school and they confirm that they are doing whatever they can to get by and assure you that the children’s basic needs are met.
How do you proceed?
Do you report the case to child services?
What referrals do you make for the family?

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