Child Development

Is there a significant difference in one’s development growing up in a household with only one parent compared to two parents?

This assignment requires you to read and evaluate research-based articles about children. Please select articles that specifically include descriptions of research on the provided topic. You are looking for articles, not websites, and the best place to find them is in a database of scholarly material, not necessarily on the internet. The key is that your articles must have TITLEs, AUTHOR or AUTHORS, a DATE, and it must indicate the goal and the outcomes of the research. You will be reading scholarly articles about research on your topic and summarizing it.
Please write the summary. All assignments are subject to scanning by an anti-plagiarism website, which will identify passages that are merely copied from the original work. If you do wish to include some of the words of the original author, please include them inside quotation marks, and use APA parenthetical style for citing the author, the date, and the page number.
The final copy of your summary should be typed (double-spaced) in Word or Rich Text format with a title and a heading that includes your name.
Be sure to include an example of a correct in-text citation for a paraphrase, and one for a quotation, then a complete Reference section at the end.