Chapter 5 Negotiations (Carrell & Heavrin, 2013, p. 203)

In a 2 – 4 page paper, analyze the issue and relevant contract terms to determine your decision. Your discussion should include:
Issue: State the issue being addressed as a question; you may directly quote from the Carrell and Heavrin (2013) textbook citing and referencing in APA format.
Contract Terms: What are the terms of the contract that affect the issue? Identify the key, relevant section(s), phrases, or words of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA), and discuss why they are critical in making a decision.
Analysis: What are the management and union positions on the issue? Discuss relevancy and alignment of each position to the CBA and the issue; consider how the components of each position influenced your decision.
Decision: Based on your analysis of the issue, what is your decision – what is your award and opinion in this arbitration?
Preventive Action: Based on your analysis of the underlying causes of this issue, what actions could the employer and union have taken to avoid this conflict? What should be done going forward to prevent similar issues?

Textbook:Carrell, M.R., & Heavrin, C. (2013). Labor relations and collective bargaining: Private and public sectors (10th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson


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