Change Project Paper

This paper should be roughly 5 – 7 pages (approximately 1500 -2000 words, double-spaced, 12-point font), not including exhibits or other data

presented in an appendix. Your paper should focus on either an individual change, based on where you perceive the most urgent need for change. Write

your paper with the following components:
1) Define the focal problem of the change effort and describe its underlying causes and consequences (i.e., why was this a compelling issue?). It is

often beneficial to gather some data to better understand the problem and its causes.

2) Describe your vision of the individual/organization following a successful change effort (i.e., the future state). What specific goals did you

expect to accomplish related to this problem? For example, if you currently have turnover of 30%, you might have a goal of reducing it to 15%.

Describe how you planned to measure improvement.
3) Describe what specific steps you, or others, took (or still need to take) to implement change. You might present a timeline outlining key project

milestones and who did what and when.
4) An individual change; discuss what factors caused you to feelthe need to change. In either case, describe what you will do (or what you have

already done) to internalize the change so it becomes the status quo.
5) Identify those people whose support you needed or will need(and hopefully gained) to implement the change. Describe what you did (or still need

to do) to gain their support.
6) Describe the results or hoped for results from your change project. If your project is still in progress, describe what improvements have

occurred, if any. (Note: individual change projects should be completed by this point)
7) Describe what lessons you have learned about managing change that you believe will enhance your effectiveness as a future manager/business


Evaluation Criteria:
1) Description of the problem, its causes/consequences, and the need for change.
2) Description of the potential future state and key steps you took to get there,
including how you gained support from others
3) Incorporation of OB concepts covered in the course
4) Description of the project results and managerial implications