Case Study: Investic Founding

Furthering your knowledge of the stages of development for teams means you will be a more effective leader of teams. How do you know what stage

the team is in? How do you advance the team to the next stage to keep them on task? The ability to recognize what is happening in a team

provides you the ability to lead an effective team that accomplishes the task it has been given.
Please, prepare for your case study by reading Investic Founding Team, and then assess the nature of Investic’s founding team.
In your paper, please respond to the following questions:
1. Examine the advantages/benefits of Investic forming a founding team.
2. Assess the foundation of the team and determine if you think it is strong. Explain.
3. What does each team member bring to the team environment?
4. Analyze Nicholas’s leadership. What else should he be doing to ensure the success of the team?
5. Parse what you learned from Investic’s experience, and discuss one thing that makes a great team and at least one mistake to avoid.

Please write case study papers in the format below:
1. Title page
2. Abstract
3. Body
4. Conclusion
5. Reference page

Please write a paper between 1050-1150 words in length.