case study considers a fictitious university, the University of Uriarra

The class this week is concerned with Acquisition and implementation – application portfolio development and maintenance.

University of Uriarra (part 1) – applications portfolio

The tutorial questions for this week involve case study.  The case study considers a fictitious university, the University of Uriarra.  The focus for this week is on the application systems portfolio for the University of Uriarra – see the case study documents in attached file.

The case study identified 9 major applications (pages 4 and 5) and you need to consider these from an application portfolio management perspective and suggest a future trajectory for each of these applications.

The week 4 lecture material provides a number of ways of assessing current and future applications.  (I have attached).

In this tute we will focus mostly on the approach described in an article by Michel Van Aerle ( The origins of this approach are a little unclear however the Meta Group (now absorbed into Gartner) used a “business value/technical condition” matrix similar to this, and Sward also described an IT Business Value approach in an Intel publications.  Some details of this approach are also included in the lecture notes for week 4.

Make an assessment of each of the 9 applications using as much of this approach as you can.  Note that you may need to make some assumptions about both the applications and the approach you use in order to make an assessment of the applications – don’t worry too much about this and do the best you can, as some of the value in this exercise is in having a discussion about the underpinning rationale for the application assessments.

You will need to draw a matrix of the application business value (BV) mapped against technical quality (TQ) and then position each application on the matrix.  For each system, you should provide a brief justification for its position in the matrix.

Using this information, you should then decide which systems (if any) are candidates for redevelopment (and their priority), which systems (if any) should be abandoned, and the priority between the remaining systems for maintenance activity.

Your submission should also provide some thoughts on the limitations in using such an approach.  Are there other factors you think might be helpful in deciding the fate of the systems, or their priority for re-development/maintenance?


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