Case study
For the paper, the English Department requires a minimum of 10 sources; for your literature review, you need to have 8 peer-reviewed/scholarly/academic

sources at a minimum.

You also may need some background sources. Sources for background MUST BE APPROVED BY ME if they are not from one of the following places: Gale Virtual

Reference Library, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Merck Manual (professional version preferred), DSM-V, or the Drug Handbook. Open web sources MUST BE

APPROVED unless they are clearly from a database like the NCBI that many of you used on the Library Exercise.

Also, all of your sources must be from 2010 forward–anything older than that MUST BE APPROVED by me.

For this skill building exercise, you need to assemble a 30-item working reference list that meets these needs. The grade for this is very similar to

the grading of the summary–you either have a reference list entry that is either correct or incorrect (you will be allowed ONE MINOR GLITCH). When

correct, you are awarded a point. If incorrect, then you redo.

This assignment must include ALL SOURCES USED IN YOUR PAPER and is submitted for the first time on the same day your paper is due.