Case Study 2 Fast Food Competition

Choose a fast-food company (choices could include McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, or others). Play the role of the Chief Marketing Officer. What Changes would you recommend and why?
Your paper should have the following subject headers:

Fast Food Competition
Include here who is doing the best job of being a contemporary offering – include a table for comparison:
Criteria of Comparison Brand Chosen Competitor # 1 Competitor # 2
Product Offerings
Price Ranges
Distribution – how many stores in the U.S.?
Disruptive Idea They Have Launched

What is Important to Today’s Fast Food Customers
Brand Chosen’s Biggest Concerns
Recommendation for Changes to Brand
Marketing Approach
If you had $100 million Marketing Budget for 2017 – how would you spend it
Christian Bible Integration
Write-up should include Marketing theory
Use the template for your cases.
Each paper must be in current APA format and include at least 4 scholarly references in addition to 1 Journal of Marketing and the Bible.