case 5

Please remember to follow the case writing guide by including sections outlined. The facts of the case
should not include any history, just facts that will be used later in the case. In the diagnostic section clearly
show the calculations that you are including which will be used later in the report. If there are comparative
calculations try to display them together in one spot or exhibit so the reader can see the differences between
the calculations easily.
The case offers various options so be sure to go through each with a pro and con analysis and remember to
keep recommendation input out of this section. There are also a number of other suggestions that are not
offered in this case that make good sense. Be sure to include a few and include a pro and con analysis of
these as well.
In the conclusion section be direct with exactly what you are suggesting as the path of action. Support the
decision with financial calculations and don’t spend any time saying why you are not selecting any other
options available.

important: we r doing a presentation on the case i need the power point slides on the recommendation and options of the case

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