Career Kickstart


Regarding the Career Kickstart discussion in the chapter to be discussed in one paragraph:
1. How does this apply to YOU and YOUR career on a personal basis? (1 Paragraph)

3 parts to this one! This one really takes some thinking as you need your opinions in here…
1.Define/summarize the 4 PRIMARY types of competition (MONOPOLY…). Put the definitions in your own words to differentiate them from everyone else’s’,

but still cite and reference the sources of your information)
2. In a Capitalistic society (such as the U. S.) is competition good or bad in your opinion? Please support your opinion with an example?? (Explain

your personal/real opinion, supported by research.
3. Give an example of an industry or product where you see significant effects of supply and demand relating to competition (either positive or

negative) on any relevant aspect of the situation (Growth, decline, pricing…)