CA red light camera's

21453(a) CVC (a driver must make a complete stop, at or before the limit line facing a “red” signal at intersection.
Discuss a few questions regarding this law and how it is enforced in certain cities in Ca.

Is the problem discussed in the law only a symptom or partial solution to a larger problem?
Is it only a problem depending on the philosophy of the lawmaker?
Do you need to ask more questions in order to determine if there is a larger problem?

Give the individuals and entities that you see as having an interesting the solution to the problem. How do the conflicting interests form the

basis for the problem that must be addressed?

State the facts that you would need in order to give a solution to the problem.

What is your opinion to the solution to the problem? This is the most important part. Give your reasoning, arguments that are for and against

your solution. Consider the philosophies discussed above, and give reasons for why you have or you have not chosen these approaches.