Business of Emotions

Topic: Business of Emotions
Paper instructions:
Part 1
Bearing in mind what you have read in Part II of Ben-Ze’ev’s The Subtlety of Emotions:
• Provide an example, drawn from the world around you, of each cluster of emotions and explain how each example meets Ben-Ze’ev’s criteria.
Use Ben-Ze’ev to help identify emotions in the world around you. This part of the book should help you identify and observe emotions and how they cluster. An example of a cluster of emotions is envy and jealousy (Chapter 10), or romantic love and sexual desire (Chapter 14).
The examples can be drawn from a variety of sources: for example, the home, the workplace, television and movies, newspapers, and so on. Once we are sensitive to the presence of emotions, there is no shortage of examples. (I will upload a more instructions once someone accepts the assignment)

Part 2
Bearing in mind what you have read in the first three chapters of Part I of Ben-Ze’ev’s The Subtlety of Emotions:
• Draw up a mind map of the ideas developed in these chapters.
The intent here is to get you to draw out the essence of Ben-Ze’ev’s argument in these chapters and to represent it visually. This Wikipedia entry provides more information on mind-mapping

11 pages for the essay 3000 words:
1 page for the mind mapping should be around 250 words I guess

Hopefully you can acess the textbook The Subtlety of Emotions by Aaron Ben-Ze’ev at this site: