Business and Society

Should the cap on Social Security be removed?
Topic/Article Analysis Requirements
Business and Society

This assignment requires you to locate a recent article/topic (or articles/topic) (hopefully from July of 2017 and later) that concerns the cap on Social Security and whether or not it should be removed. Once an article/topic (or articles) has/have been located, you should prepare your analysis with the following parts:

• Introduction, which should include a high-level overview of the issues, arguments, and perspectives contained in the topic/article(s). You should present your topic in the form of the question that you will be addressing.
• An assessment of the article(s)/topic from the perspectives of business, society, and governmental policy in a Pro/Con format.
• Your own opinions/assessments of the perspectives and arguments on either side of the issue/debate. Specifically, you should state how you see the topic from your own individual vantage point.
• Final conclusions and projections on the direction that the topic will move in the future.
• Article Title(s), Author(s), and Source(s)

Examples of journals/newspapers that you should review to find an appropriate article/topic would be The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Business Week, Fortune, and Forbes.

The analysis should be five to seven double-spaced typewritten pages in length. Also, please be sure to proofread your paper—I am expecting the papers to be well written and of high quality.