BUS4016, Unit 8 Assignment 1, Project – Company Analysis COWI



Use the internet sources to answers all of these questions. COWI is the company in Nigeria. I have attached other papers regarding COWI Nigeria. It is my



[u08a1] Unit 8 Assignment 1
Project – Company Analysis – COWI in Nigeria


Project – Company Analysis Scoring Guide (See attached).

APA Style and Format.

When considering pursuing foreign markets, a company must analyze its ability to implement and maintain its business abroad.

Address the following as you continue your feasibility investigation:

What considerations (including cross-cultural communications and negotiation issues)

would your company need to make in order to launch and maintain business in your selected country?

Identify the risks and opportunities associated with exporting the selected product to the selected country.

Describe a proposed strategy for the launch of the product, including how you would promote the product launch.

How would you manage this venture? What management structure would you recommend?

Summarize production considerations, including where the manufacturing would take place and the packaging, logistics, and delivery considerations.

What political and legal rules and regulations would need to be followed in order for your company to sell products abroad? Are there forms to file?

What are the key fiscal considerations, such as perhaps the foreign exchange market and the international monetary system?

How will you determine whether or not this is a profitable venture?

Discuss the elements of the internal workings of the company that you will need to carefully consider before making your final recommendation to the board

of directors.

Use the following guidelines when writing your essay:

Length: 250–275 words.