Briefly describe the historical background of the emergence of Confucianism

Q1:Briefly describe the historical background of the emergence of Confucianism.


Q2 :List two traditional family values that are still maintained in modern China. For each value, use one example from your own experience, observations, or class reading/video materials to support your position.


Q3: Do the Dao (the way) in Confucianism and the Dao (the way) in Daoism refer to the same thing? Why or why not? Give at least two direct quotes from the reading materials to support your argument.


Answer each question in a clear and organized paragraph.

Explain why something is true or how something works.

State how two or more things relate to each other. Are they opposites? Are


they the same thing?


No other resource use own words 150 words per question submit on time

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