Breaking a social norm assignment


The purpose of this assignment is for you to test society’s values
and norms by breaking a social norm (being deviant within the
limits of the law) or breaking a societal norm by paying it
Getting on an elevator and facing the back wall
Staring down at people while going up an elevator
Wearing a onesie in public and dancing around
Any behavior that would be considered “abnormal” in
Pay it forward
0 Handout out camations in a parking lot
Leaving a sign on someone’s window that makes them
Any other random act of kindness
1. 1-2 pages, double-spaced, times new roman, 12 pt font
2. Summarize the following
3. Various ideas (brainstorming) of possible norms that
you could break
b. Explain how you felt going into this experiment
c. Describe what you decided to do and why
(1. Describe how people reacted
e. Analyze the reactions of the people around you

i. Were you surprised at how they reacted?

ii. Why do you think they reacted or did not react
the way they did?

iii. What conclusions, if any, can you come to
about the structure of society based on your
experiment? Or are they inconclusive? lf
inconclusive, what further research would you
have to do?