Black Indian culture in America

1.  Use the following resources to conduct the required research for this assignment:  internet, text materials, videos, radio broadcast/podcasts, film.

2.  Search the following topics, using the resource areas listed above:  Black Indians, Black Indian culture in America, Freemen, Black Indians of the Southeast United States.

3.  Once enough (?,!) research is completed, as it pertains to the above noted subject areas, begin writing a 3 – 4 page, double-spaced essay outlining the information obtained from the individual research conducted.

4.  Please be sure to include all the resource areas reviewed for this assignment.  It will be necessary to list each using proper citations and within a complete Bibliogrpahy at the end of this writing assignment.  Please note that this complete Bibliography does not count for the 3 – 4 page requirement for this assignment.

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