Beowulf: The Boast


Beowulf: The Boast

Write a formal boast about yourself. Tell us your deeds, who your daddy/mama are, what you plan to do, and how you’re not going to take nothing from

nobody. Your accomplishments may be academic, athletic, musical, social, artistic, etc. Lay aside your humility! Remember, you’ll soon be applying

for college or a job and may need to do a bit of boasting.

Being creative, include your genealogy, your acts of courage, your victories over enemies, and any other achievements and awards. Punctuate your poem.

To end your boast, state your next great act.



• Must be typed in MLA format
• 1 inch margins,
• Double-spaced,
• 12 point Old English Text black font
• Correct heading


Guidelines for assignment:

Boast must show understanding of Anglo-Saxon poetry by following the Anglo-Saxon poetic format:

• Only a couple or no end-rhymes
• Heavy alliteration
• Anglo Saxon style diction
• 20-plus lines


Notes to use for Assignment: