Bentley 3D modling

Paper details:

My company is thinking of implementing a 3D modeling software called Bentley Substation. It’s a product of Advancing Infrastructure and my company thinks it’ll save us millions of dollars in projects because we will not have to redesign due to mistakes in the design that could have been avoided if a 3D model were available.

Please cover the topics listed below: Come up with a marketing plan to implement Bentley, introduction to the small market in preparation for the larger market. Please add drawings if possible. There is a link for Bentley 3D modeling at the bottom of this description. Please ask questions as needed. This is only the beginning of the paper. Also, please add more points for the strategy to introduce.


Background of Bentley (why) need for 3D modeling for accuracy (Joshua)
• History of Bentley
• What it’s used for (modeling objects in 3D)
• Need for accuracy (2D modeling is very inaccurate and could lead to bad design)
• Finer end product Pretty drawings
• Save money on redesign

Strategy to introduce (scope) what (Joshua)
• Run through vigorous testing through software engineering make sure it works without flaws
• Test in small firm for real life problems