Behavioral Sciences


As you read each chapter, visit the online University Virtual Library that is available to you at no cost and find articles related
to the readings as a study aid. The University Virtual Library offers a wide range of databases including the following:
ProQuest Psychology Journals, PsycARTICLES, PsycEXTRA, PsycBOOKS, PsychiatryOnline, and Psychology and Behavioral
Sciences Collection, as well as other electronic resources. The APA website offers fee-based access to PsycINFO and
PsycCRITIQUES databases. Moreover, to further enhance your learning experience you are also encouraged to visit the
Psych Web website to learn the latest findings in the field and find web links. You are encouraged to utilize the Internet and the
indicated resources to access current literature and information to enhance your analysis of the Term Project. The respective
links to the websites are listed below:
University Virtual Library:
APA Website:
Psych Web website:
Review of these links does not need to be submitted for grading – they are for your own learning enrichment.
Read Chapters 3 & 4 of Applied Social Research.

Assignment 3

Please review the Class Participation Policy located in the Course Essentials section of the syllabus for this
course. Learners are expected to have weekly interaction with the Faculty Mentor as well as with other
Learners through class participation in the Class Discussion Forum. Learners must post to the Course
Discussion Forum at least once each week. The post should be a direct response to the topic for the week and
include brief commentary on the posts of other classmates. Your post must be substantial and thoughtful and
be a minimum of 250 words. It is recommended that you write your post in Word to track your word count and
then copy and paste it into the discussion forum space in the course syllabus.
For this week’s class participation assignment, each Learner will prepare a short discussion of his/her process
of selecting a research topic for the Master’s Thesis. Share with others your own decision-making process,
which allows for others to both contribute to your own topic selection, as well as model for others ideas which
they may find helpful in their own similar decision-making process.
Assignment Outcomes
Evaluate course concepts critically and competently through interaction with Learners and Faculty Mentor
Distinguish specific problems or potential problem areas for analysis and intervention
Analyze and evaluate information critically and effectively
Evaluate, incorporate and demonstrate ethical behavior in regard to emerging relevant technologies applicable to psychology
Discussion Work
Please go to the Course Discussion Forum Tab to post your discussion entries, by either continuing dialog or start a new thread.