Background Presentation for the Op Ed

Part I: Background Presentation for the Op Ed
The Presentation should discuss the underlying issues/problems that shape the policy issue you have chosen to
address. Your presentation slides should include the following subtitles/pages:
• Describe your topic and why this topic is of policy concern
• Identify population affected by the topic
• Discuss impacts that this policy has on particular sub-populations
• Discuss how your topic has been dealt with in US Social Policy history – any milestone cases?
• Identify the value choices and ideology that shape the policy responses regarding your topic
• Discuss the debate about the future directions regarding the topic. Here you should understand the
point of view of those with whom you disagree
• Discuss alternative policy options that have been proposed to address your topic
• Discuss briefly budget issues related to the policy
• APA style reference list on the last page
This is not an opinion piece but a research presentation. The presentation will explore the issue from many
angles. From your presentation, the audience should not know the point of view of the presenter. The
presenter is demonstrating that he/she has an understanding of the issue which will later be addressed in the
written Op Ed (Part II). This presentation should be about 10-15 minutes. The presenter must include
appropriate in-text citations and references whenever needed.
Part II: Final draft of Op Ed
The writer will take a position on a topic related to the course and argue it in a concise and convincing way. For
the Op Ed, it is important that the writer has a point of view, that the point of view be defended by appropriate
data and research, and that the writer have a clear idea as to the audience that is to be addressed. The Op Ed
will be no more than 750 words. The student should read letters and Op Ed articles in a major national
newspaper such as the New York Times, the Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal. References to recent
research very much strengthen the writing. In order to improve that writing and to develop a sense of audience,
each piece should be edited by at least two readers prior to submitting the final version.