Assignment/ project 4


Short Assignment 4 and

Current Events Project:


For Short Assignment 4, you need to investigate the current state of a country which was impacted by the Cold War and write a 2-4 page paper. However,

you cannot use any of the superpowers fighting the war (i.e. not the United States or modern day Russia).

You need to research the changes to your chosen country since the end of the Soviet Union, so from 1991-2017, using any resources found in the library

or any reputable newspapers or online news sources.

Changes covered should include, but are not limited to:

1. Government

2. Economy

3. Societal Changes

4. Gender Roles

For the current events portion, you must do the following:
1. Choose an event which has occurred in your chosen country in the last calendar year and has relevance to your chosen major.( my major is interior


2. Describe this event to the rest of the class in a 5-10 minute presentation, including HOW it is relevant to your major. (Write a little text

presentation for me to read. My major is interior design).

3. This event must be linked to one of the factors described above.