Assignment # 2 – OSHA & TOSHA


The purpose of this education is to prepare for a professional career. Therefore, ALL assignments are expected to have a professional presentation.

This assignment provides opportunity for students to research regulations related to health and safety management.

Assignment requirements:
Due to downsizing, you have just been assigned to take over the requirements for the Workplace Health & Safety department at your facility. You’ll have

to quickly learn about OSHA regulations, including some in particular that impact your company in Tennessee.
To help prepare you for your new task, your boss asks you to investigate the company’s Workplace Health & Safety OSHA obligations (as well as to the

organization, to the employees, and to the community) which will require you to do some research.
Review the OSHA website (, and the TOSHA website (
You are requested to write a professional report, including the following information:
1) Within title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, identify:
a. the part that covers Occupational Health and Safety Standards,
b. the part that covers Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illness,
c. the part that covers Occupational Health and Safety topics for Construction,and
d. the part and section that covers Hazard Communication.
2) Identify two US states that do NOT have an “OSHA Approved State Plan”.
3) Tennessee has an “OSHA Approved State Plan”, which means that it must set workplace safety and health standards that are “at least as

effective” as OSHA standards. Per the website, what is one unique standard included in Tennessee’s “OSHA Approved State Plan”?
4) Per the TOSHA website, identify the top three most cited standards in EACH: the Construction Standards, the General Industry Standards, the

Health Care Standards, and the Public Sector Requirements.
5) Describe several (at least three) other topics that are covered by the OSHA regulations, (including the location of the requirement in the

Describe how the topics you’ve chosen are important for an organization, AND a description of evidence of meeting the OSHA requirement(s) of each topic

that an organization could use if inspected by OSHA.