Assignment #1 Analysis of an Article


Assignment #1 Analysis of an Article
Scholars, the expectation of this assignment is to critically analyze the rhetorical situation of articles related to business and policy. While a

summary provides the main points and specific factual information of a text, an analysis can be an important way that researchers in your field will use

their critical reading and thinking skills to further their understanding of how a writer of business and professional texts are making their points and

establishing their credibility.
Choose a current business or policy related article from one of the online sources listed on the course syllabus. In a 3-4 page analysis essay, you will

identify the writer’s claim(s) or point(s) in the text and inform your audience or readers of the specific strategies that the writer is using to convey

their message. Key consideration is given, but not limited to, the following when completing this analysis:
-modes of persuasion (ethos, pathos, logos)
-intended audience
-potential impact of the writer’s claim(s) on the audience
– overall effectiveness of the writer’s ability to make their points
-consideration of the wider implications of the writer’s claim(s)
This assignment will require that you practice using APA format/style in preparation for your future writing assignments. Include in this essay an APA

formatted title page, in-text citations, a running header, page numbers, and a reference page for your article. Although APA format requires you to

number your title and reference page, these pages will not count towards the required 3-4 page analysis for this assignment.