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Aspen Ski Company case study (50 points): This case study and the discussion of the accompanying readings are utilized to introduce the challenges and benefits associated with operating a hospitality business in a sustainable, environmentally responsible manner. (LO11)

Detailed instructions:

The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to consider how a company’s desire to operate in a environmentally responsible, sustainable, or “green” manner may impact a firm’s operations. To accomplish this, students will be required to read the Aspen Skiing Company case study, parts ‘A’ and ‘B’, by M. W. Toffel and S. Van Tice, and then respond to each of the following prompts:

1. Outline the scope of the Aspen Skiing Company’s operations. What are the various business operations in which Aspen Skiing Company is engaged?

2. Please explain the environmental impact that a ski resort has on the environment. Can a ski resort operate in a way that ensures that there is absolutely no negative impact as a result of the resort’s operation?

3. What steps has Aspen Skiing Company taken in order to minimize the negative impact of their operations? How do these steps impact the customer? How do they impact the resort’s cost structure?

4. In reference to the Aspen Skiing Company’s physical product, please outline how the company’s commitment to sustainable operations has and/or may impact the design of their physical product.

5. In reference to Aspen Skiing Company’s services, please outline how the company’s commitment to sustainable operations has and/or may impact service design.

5. Explain how Aspen Skiing Company’s commitment to sustainability has and/or may impact its supply chain.

6. Please respond to Aspen Skiing Company’s handling of the Kimberly-Clark boycott. Do you think that they made an appropriate decision? Do you feel as though they are ‘greenwashing’? Do you feel as though they compromised too much in their decision to end their boycott? Please explain your responses.

The two additional Harvard Business articles The Green Conversation (2008) by Hoffman et. al. and The Sustainable Economy (2011) by Chouinard et. al. may provide you with additional insight relative to your responses.

Please submit your responses to the seven (7) prompts above as a Word or PDF file attached to this assignment tool in Canvas utilizing a 12-point font, double-spacing with one-inch borders. You may utilize any standardized format for references. Refer to the grading rubric prior to completing the assignment to see how points for this assignment will be awarded.