Article review – How Targeted Marketing Can Improve Your Brand’s Efficiency

The article should be at least two pages. Then type a summary of the article and include a personal analysis of the article. Be sure to use a heading at the top of your summary that includes your name, the keyword the article and the chapter have in common and the date and publisher of the article To summarize the summary should include the following information. 1. The name of the key term(s) that the article and the chapter have in common. 2. A summary of the article should be at least one full page. 3. Your personal analysis of the article (your opinion, what you thought about the article) 4. A copy of the article (copy it to the end of your summary/personal analysis). 5. In your summary, if you quote from the article, be sure to use quotation marks. You should limit quotes to only 2 sentences. USE THIS ARTICLE –