Art Theft

There are several agencies around the world working to curtail art theft and recover stolen works. This assignment will require you to explore

several websites to learn more about their efforts, examine one case of art theft, and identify why art is so valuable. Prepare a five paragraph

essay citing at least two sources.
1. Explore the following websites and become familiar with the efforts being made to stop art theft internationally. Discuss what each site has to

offer and how they are approaching art theft.
United States Federal Bureau of Investigation
Los Angeles Art Theft Team
Art Loss Register
2. Conduct research about one art theft detailing what happened, where it happened, what was stolen, how the crime was committed, and whether or not

the works of art have been recovered. Visit here or conduct a keyword search for art theft or art heists.
3. Explain why you think art theft is such a costly criminal enterprise and why art is valued so dearly around the world. Support your statement

with statistics.
Follow your teacher’s instructions to submit this assignment, and be sure to document your sources.