Arrays and Lists


Using open source repositories, Find a program that
(A) uses at least one loop and a list effectively


B) could use a loop and a list to improve the program.

Summarizes your findings,the post should:

•Include a copy of the code that either (A) exemplifies concise, generalized code or (B) presents the perfect opportunity to apply loops, arrays, and

lists to reduce the length of the program using a more elegant solution.

Do not undertake a lengthy program; limit your code to approximately 20 lines.

•If the code is an exemplar of good coding, explain what leads you to that conclusion. Be specific.

•If the code needs improvement, include a rewritten version of the code, in which you apply one of the methods described above to improve the program.

Explain how your solution better embraces a computer’s strengths as a tool that can perform calculations quickly, perform repetitive tasks, and/or

manage data effectively.

•Add or revise comments in the code to accurately describe the function of the loop and list.

Do not include the entire source code of the program you choose. Select just the portion with the necessary information, such as variable declarations

and methods called from outside the class or method.