Argumentative Essay

Question descriptionArgumentative Essay

Assignment Requirements

(All essays for this course must be in 12 pt. Times font, double-spaced.)

Directions: Write a 5 paragraph argumentative essay in which you convince the reader to believe your side of an argument. You will be assigned to write about a controversial topic, which means that one could agree or disagree with each side of the argument. You must choose one side and convince the reader that your position is correct.


  • You must follow APA style for formatting, citations, and the reference list.
  • The paper must be 5 paragraphs long (4-6 sentences per paragraph), not including the reference list.
  • You must use at least three different outside sources in your paper. All sources must come from credible references (.org, .gov, .edu, major newspapers, magazines, or journals). I will supply you with the sources you will use for your paper.
  • You must have at least 2 quotes and 2 paraphrases in the body of your paper (not including anything you decide to use in the introduction and conclusion).
  • It does not matter how you divide the sources…you might use a quote from one source, two paraphrases from another, etc.
  • Use the sources as support in the places where it makes sense. You do not have to have the same number of sources in every paragraph. How you use them is up to you and the content of your paper.
  • Do your own work, no plagiarism.
  • The paper must be submitted via SafeAssign by the due date.
  • In addition to the rubric, I will be taking the requirements above into consideration when I grade your essay.

***If you need additional help as to the format of the paper or writing tips for an argumentative essay, please refer to the class handouts or chapter 8 of your textbooks***

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