Are hydrocarbons hydrophylic or hydrophobic? Why?



  1. What does the term organic compound mean?
  2. What does the Experiment by Miller and Urey help us conclude?
  3. How many covalent bonds can carbon form and why?
  4. Define hydrocarbons.
  5. Are hydrocarbons hydrophylic or hydrophobic?  Why?
  6. Define isomers.
  7. Explain the differences between structural isomers, geometric isomers and enantiomers.
  8. How do the two forms of geometric isomers  (cis  and trans) differ from each other.
  9.   What is a functional group? What is its significance?
  10.   Memorize the names, structure and functional properties of the following functional groups

Hydroxyl, Carboxyl, Carbonyl, Amino, sulfhydryl, Phosphate

  1. What does ATP stand for? What is its primary function?

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